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(Within Greater Toronto Area)

(For session to be booked in other cities in Canada or the USA please  <CONTACT US> for a customized price quote.)

SESSION 1: Sensory Gem Water Cleanse for Personal Empowerment 
Sensory Gem Water Session - uses the energy of healing and empowerment crystals and gems and water's pure energy sensation to help one free their body, mind and spirit from esoteric clutter. The soothing exposure on the skin and the feel of the water's pure tranquil energy resonance also one to align their body, mind and spirit to start functioning again in greater harmony. The benefits from Water Energy Cleansing include releasing emotions of worry, anger, confusion, sadness and fear - including recognition of self-sabotaging behaviors. As negative emotions and thoughts are released - room is created for a renewed sense of self-confidence, inner peace, clarity, joy and regained sense of self-worth. 

To book a Water Synergy Session please scroll down for the provided PayPal linked tabs to complete your on-line purchase order. Once your payment is processed we will follow up to schedule your appointment session date and time including location details.

We offer Water Synergy Wellness Sessionsin-person only. Sessions are held at a venue space which we use in/around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for clients residing within the GTA. For clients who reside within Greater Toronto Area - Please use the drop down menu below (on the left) to make your selection from the options listed.

For clients who reside up to 25 km outside of the GTA - Please refer to the drop down menu below (on the right) to make your selection from the session options listed. (e.g., length and type of session you wish to purchase. 

Water Synergy Wellness Sessions can also be arranged in other cities in the province of Ontario, or across Canada or in the USA depending on the location the client resides. For locations more than 25 km outside of the Greater Toronto Area or for out-of-province locations please complete the contact form on our "Contact Us" page  or send us an e-mail to receive your customized price quote.   

For additional information on how to proceed with purchasing your confidential Water Medium Synergy Session please refer to our "Booking Instruction"page for more details. You also are encouraged to review the "Purchase Policy" in advance of proceeding with your on-line session purchase.

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Appointment Booking Details

 In-Person Consultation Session Booking Tips:  

​To help us schedule your Water Synergy In-Person Session Appointment at one of our Greater Toronto Area WMS site locations (including up to 25 km outside of GTA) we ask that give us at least 1 week (7 days) lead time to secure the next available appointment date and time for you. For appointments more than 25 km of the GTA please provide us with at least 3 weeks advance notice to finalize your upcoming appointment.

​NOTE:Many in-person sessions are confirmed weeks and months in advance. Please know we will always do our very best to accommodate your scheduling needs. However in the event a particular GTA or out of town site location is fully booked during the time frame you may have identified as your preference - we may need to offer an alternate session appointment date / time solution for your consideration and follow-up.


All payments full and final and non-refundable unless as stipulated in our  
Purchase Policy found on this website. We understand that at times situations may arise where a client may need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed session. To reschedule a confirmed session appointment we require advance written notification by email within the applicable time lines identified in our Purchase Policy so we can best accommodate your rescheduling needs whenever possible. 

In-Person Water Synergy Wellness Sessions (<25km of="">

Water Energy Cleanse Therapy

Acoustic Water Sound Session

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Water Medium Synergy work incorporates water and its pure energy essence and vibrational frequency in every session. Water serves as the needed conduit to the Universe's pure energy form which engages the Spiritual Realm for spiritual growth and enlightenment.
Clients gain benefit of clarity from personalized "Gem Water Sensory Touch" and "Water Acoustic Enlightenment" therapeutic sessions that help cleanse the body, mind and spirit and release accumulated esoteric clutter to create a harmonious sense of holistic balance.

Sessions are offered at our WMS site locations in the Greater Toronto Area (up to 25 km of the GTA). Additional fees apply for sessions to be arranged outside of the 25km GTA radius. Please contact us by email before proceeding to purchase a session appointment which is to be held more than 25 km of the GTA or in another city in Canada or in the USA.

Recreating the sound of water's calming energy frequency we help individuals to enter a higher sense of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment Through the soothing sound of water's energy vibrations - one is returned to the sensation of existential freedom and peace - similar to how one felt in the womb awaiting their birth.

This tranquility offers the needed nexus to align the body, mind and soul to a harmonious balance one that is also connected with Mother Earth, the Cosmic Universe and the Spiritual Realm of Our Heavenly Creator.

The healing properties of Water Sound Energy Therapy also help to reawaken the subconscious mind to discover one's life purpose, acknowledge personal strengths and recognize challenges as needed life lessons to build resiliency and fortitude for one's soul and its continuum of growth and development that transcends this current lifetime.

Sensory Gem Water Session

In-Person Water Synergy Wellness Sessions (GTA)


(Up to 25 km of Greater Toronto Area)

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Guided "Water Energy Cleansing" sessions offer the pathway to achieve a peaceful higher state of consciousness through the sensory feel and touch of the water's pure energy essence and the resonating sounds of its vibrations.

Our individualized and personalized guided sessions use the water's purifying energy feel and its sound energy to help one finally release pent up negative thoughts or toxic emotions, rid the self from a build up of accumulated esoteric energy clutter, as well as to free themselves from any physiological stressors - each of which take a toll on the body, mind and spirit over time and also stifle the higher state of consciousness needed to guide one on their life's path so they can readily recognize and seize the various life lessons their soul needs and seeks out to master its development in this current lifetime. 

SESSION 2: Acoustic Water Sound for Spiritual Enlightenment 

Acoustic Water Sound Session - uses the sound of water's energy frequency  is the next step in purifying the body, mind and spiritual to attain a higher sense of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment Through the soothing sound of water's energy vibration - one is returned to the sensation of existential freedom and peace - similar to how one felt in the womb. The sound of water also helps release the mind while relaxing the body helps to reawaken the harmony of one's spirit. This new state of body, mind and spiritual reawakening then helps open one's subconscious to recall one's true purpose in this life with greater clarity and understanding.

NOTE: We also offer the option to purchase Water Touch & Sound Sessions together (2 Hours Session) for added savings.

Water Synergy Wellness

Water synergy wellness in-person SESSIONS

(Sensory Gem Water & Acoustic Water Sound Therapy)

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Through the sensory feel and touch of water's pure energy essence and healing crystals and gems helps one to free their body, mind and spirit from esoteric clutter that is accumulated over time. The soothing exposure on the skin and the feel of the water's pure tranquil energy source also helps to align one's physical, psychological and emotional being to start functioning in greater unison and harmony.

The benefits from Gem Water Energy Cleansing Therapy includes the release of accumulated caustic emotions such as worry, anger, confusion, sadness and fear - including self-sabotaging behaviors. As negative emotions and thoughts are released - space is created for a renewed sense of self-confidence, inner peace, clarity in thoughts, and enhancing one's self esteem and self-worth. The end result offers a self-empowering rebirth and the ability to embrace one's present life with new found vigor, courage and clarity.

Clients also gain a fresh perspective and new found enlightenment on particular life events, past adverse or challenging experiences including a new perspective towards presented life lessons. Each session affords an appreciation and understanding for life through a metaphysical lens and with spiritual underpinnings that further help serve their soul's development and journey in present lifetime and beyond. 

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