Booking Your "E-Mail" WMS Session Under Option 2 (through CLICK-4Advisor Portal):  

​​If you are interested in receiving an e-mail consultation from us but want to keep your email address anonymized then click <here> or on the Click-4Advisor image (to your left) to proceed to the Click-4Advisor email portal. To create your Click-4Advisor user account and to proceed with booking your email session topic of choice click <here>. When selecting a particular email session please reference the corresponding Service ID in your request in Click-4Advisor.

E-Mail Option 2 offers a special flat rate of $75 USD per email session selected, Each email session under Option 2 offers you the opportunity to have 1 specific question answered for the Medium Session or the Past Life Exploration or the Dream Analysis. Alternatively if you want either the Handwriting or Photograph session then please limit your submission to 1 handwriting sample or 1 photograph that you wish analysed.

"Revelations from a Photograph"

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E-mail Option 2:   Direct e-mail communication via Click-4Advisor Email Portal

(Your E-mail address is anonymized when booking session through Click-4Advisor)


All payments for any email session booked through Click-4Advisor are deemed full and final and non-refundable unless stipulated otherwise on our Purchase Policy found on this website. For more information about Click-4Adisor user account and privacy policy please refer to their website. ​

Before proceeding to this website please read the following: applicable policies and terms and conditions of use in effect.

Terms of Use Service Agreement
​Privacy Policy

Purchase / Refund Policy

​​"Insights Gained from Every Handwriting style"

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​​​"Communications with the Spirit World" 

Additional Tips for Booking Your "E-Mail" WMS Session Under Option 1:  

​​If you are interested in receiving an e-mail consultation then simply click on one of the WMS service tab links below to learn more about that particular WMS service and to proceed with completing your secure on-line purchase through Pay-Pal. ​​

NOTE:E-mail session requests are booked frequently and we try to respond promptly to each purchased e-mail reading request in the order they are received. The typical lead time for our e-mail response with a WMS reading report is within 3 days (72 hours) after specific session questions and any needed supporting particulars are received by us. At times our e-mail response to you might be faster or slightly longer depending on the volume and complexity of the questions and content submitted to us including to accommodate preparation of your comprehensive written report.

E-Mail sessions are offered in different durations to allow clients to have anywhere from 1 to 3 specific questions answered for a particular WMS session topic selected. To maximize the value of your e-mail session experience we also created the options for some WMS services to be combined for e-mail consultations at a greater savings. Please refer to these service options and other pertinent specifications and details shown on each respective WMS service listing on this website.  


All payments full and final and non-refundable unless as stipulated in our Purchase Policy found on this website. ​We understand that at times situations may arise requiring our clients to need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed session. We ask that we receive advance notice by email within the applicable time lines identified in our Purchase Policyand we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

We recognize that each client has their own level of comfort and preference on how they want their "One-on-One" confidential consultation delivered. As such, in addition to offering sessions in-person and by phone we also offer several of our insightful and spiritual enlightenment services through direct e-mail communications with us (OR) over secure double blind email consultation offered through CLICK-4ADVISOR.

Water Medium Email Sessions Linked to Click-4Advisor Email System

"Exploring your Cosmic Footprints & Lives Lived" 

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WMS SeSSIONs Available BY E-Mail

<click on topic of interest tabs below to learn more>

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OPTION 1: Direct e-mail correspondence with us


OPTION 2: E-mail correspondence via CLICK-4Advisor 

  • Every e-mail consultation session is provided with the same high level of spiritual consciousness, personal attentiveness and         quality of care as in-person or by phone. 
  • WMS e-mail consultations offer 1 to 3 questions to be submitted electronically to us (including any required supporting details      depending on the session you selected (e.g., Photograph, handwriting sample, dream description, etc..) after you make your     selection and purchase through PayPal. Once your e-mail submission has been received we will respond to you with a                  confidential written e-mail reply within 48 hours.
  • For available list of services offered by e-mail please refer to the bottom of this page where each service tab is linked to the        appropriate session page for you to proceed with finalizing your purchase through Pay-Pal's secure on-line payment links. 
  • E-Mail session fees and rates are billed in US Dollars according to the TYPE OF SESSION & DURATION value you selected.  
  • If you have any questions about your e-mail consultation / session please refer back to the "Booking Instructions" page         that  identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.
  • By proceeding with your on-line payment for an e-mail session with Water Medium Synergy you confirm you have read,              understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy and our Terms of Use- Service        Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.
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​​"Decoding  Dreams  Communications"

e-mail Consultations 

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E-mail Option 1: Direct e-mail communication with WMS

( Your e-mail address is displayed to us at Water Medium Synergy )

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"WMS Session Reports that you can review and refer back to from the comfort of your home"

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