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Therapeutic Water Energy Cleansing 

Water Medium Synergy - has been founded with the goal to deliver intuitive water energy services and spiritual mediumship enlightenment sessions by using water as a conduit and reliance of various Clair-Senses to connect and communicate with the Spiritual Realm. Formal training, spiritual knowledge, and professional expertise to connect to a higher state of consciousness we adhere to all Divine Universal Laws. Our mediumship enlightenment services rely on connections with participating Spirit Guides and those who crossed over and want to help clients receive valuladen messages when searching for spiritual enlightenment, particular answers, some form of guidance and added insights to lead a happier life, to finding closure post some challenging event and also discovery of their purpose in life from a soul's perspective.

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The intuitive connection WMS' delivers to clients is deemed as a a true gift and blessing from the Universal realm beyond - including our ability to use water's energy vibrancy and its pure essence to connect with the Universe's life form energy source which we recognize as the pathway to the Spirit Guides whose directives are channeled through various "Clair-Senses". This connection activates a higher state of consciousness which us provide our clients with the clarity and direction they are in search of to identify their life's true purpose. Water Medium consults also provide clients with needed enlightenment, understanding and closure on past and present life events so that moving forward in a positive direction is made possible. 

This commitment to helping others has become the corner stone of Water Medium Synergy (WMS) operational goal and the guiding principle for our Medium services.

The intuitive connection to water and its energy force appeared for Marlene at a young age - where water became an evident conduit to connect her with her Spirit Guides and the Universal energy source for guidance. But it wasn't until decades later, after two near-death experiences that prompted her to pursue her spiritual journey and application of her intuitive Clair-gifts and connection with Our Heavenly Creator, Mother Earth, the Universe's Cosmic Energy and the magnificent Angelic presence. As a gifted Water Medium she has been successfully offering her clients with the opportunity to connect with the Spirit World to help them gain enlightenment and discovery of their life's purpose in this lifetime from a spiritual perspective.

Marlene delivers Mediumship services and spiritual enlightenment consultations to others through various forms of "one-on-one" sessions (e.g., in-person, by phone and via e-mail). Her delivery style is very direct and straight forward when sharing insights and messages from the participating Spiritual Realm to those seeking to find and understand their life's true purpose and those in need of finding direction or closure following the loss of a loved one or dealing with some type of life challenge or past life traumatic event.   

As a spiritually connected empath - Water Medium "Marlene" also welcomes opportunities to speak, enlighten and entertain audiences at group functions and social / corporate events as well. She delivers inspirational talks that address what our soul's journey and purpose in this life time is all about and the value of cleansing one's accumulated esoteric clutter from the physical body, mind and spirit to achieve a higher state of consciousness for a peaceful and purposeful existence in this life. "Marlene" also reminds all that this life in this space and time is one that our Heavenly Father entrusted to each of us for the evolution of our soul - one that deserves to be explored, and enjoyed. Lastly, when the time comes to "leave behind" this magnificent physical journey that we find ourselves leaving this physical existence we currently call earth - in a much better state than we found it upon our entry at birth.  

Utilizing her public speaking acumen "Marlene" also delivers interactive educational workshops on spiritual enlightenment and intuitive development to help attendees learn about how to tap into their own higher state of subconscious being and intuition - so as to recognize their true life purpose and how to complete their life lessons with positive outcomes for their soul's lasting benefit. She also welcomes opportunities to appear as a guest on Radio / TV Talk Shows to answer questions from audience looking to connect with a departed loved one as well as delivering insights on how to identify and follow one's spiritual journey in this life and beyond. 

What differentiates Marlene's work from other empaths, mediums and energy healers is her keen and unique ability to channel the acoustic and sensory energy of water for clients to help them connect with their super-conscious plane of the sixth and seventh dimensions of being. Oddly enough, this energy connection she holds with water comes through even when she is doing ordinary daily tasks that involve being near or touching water (e.g., walking on the beach, brushing her teeth, washing dishes, doing laundry or taking a bath, etc..) Water consistently serves as the conduit that readily connects her with the Universe's energy life frequency - allow messages from the Spiritual Realm to flood in offering messages and answers from her Spirit Guides and those who have crossed over. The shared communications and special messages she shares with her clients helps answer any questions they present as well as to find closure, enlightenment and healing in their present life's journey. 

The range of modalities of "Marlene's" water mediumship services are of particular benefit to those who feel lost and believe they are stagnating in their life's journey including those looking to find the "reset button" to start living a life that will bring them joy and satiate their self-worth and confidence. Simply said, offered consultations afford clients the needed understanding and enlightenment on their life's path - a journey which God our Creator intended each of us to explore, experience and recognize as magnificent opportunities for our soul to further its develop to its full potential before progressing on to the next dimension of our Universal being which awaits us all. 

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