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We offer Travel & Relocation Readings and Spiritual Guidance using our Water Medium Channeling Sessions that are available in-person, by phone and via e-mail. During your confidential session we connect with the Spiritual Realm to help answer your questions about the timing of an upcoming trip, a move or relocation, including assistance to help you identify where your soul will be most productive and happy in attempting to meet its spiritual evolution in this life. We also deliver insights from the Spiritual Realm to help you sell your home quickly if you need to move / relocate to another area. 

Many clients also find it of value to have us conduct a Psychometric Energy Reading on a home or property before they proceed to put in a purchase offer. The Psychometric energy reading we carry out helps provide details about the property or home (e.g., its history, areas in a home needing to be addressed as well as if the energy is on the same frequency of the buyer looking to take ownership.)  

You can also
<Contact Us> directly - by using the on-line form to submit your confidential inquiry in how we can provide you with the needed enlightenment in your upcoming personal or business travel or relocation plans.

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We Can Call You   (OR)   You call us!

  • How to invoke angelic help to sell your home quickly
  • determining if a new home or property location is right for you 
  • knowing when to stay put and when to go
  • residence / business relocation purpose & benefits
  • psychometric energy readings of home & property being purchased
  • physical and spiritual wellness during travel 
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Offering Added Insights to Help You Determine Ideal Timing and Presented Opportunities for taking a Vacation, Planning a Business Trip, and Relocating Residences.

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