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Psychometric "object Reading"

(Held at a WMS Site in Greater Toronto Area)

This Session involves us to travel to your / client's property site location to deliver an energy reading on a house, property, land, vehicle, etc.. 
Duration: Choice of 1 hour or 2 hours Sessions (either in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or within 25 km of the GTA)  

- The 2 Hours  Session offers an additional $100 Savings! - 

CHOICE 1: 1 Hour session (Select if you want a psychometric reading of 1-2 rooms in a house, small property or 1 vehicle)

CHOICE 2:  2 Hours session (Select if you want a psychometric energy reading of an entire house, large sized property, etc.) 

Note:    Additional fees apply when traveling to any property sites located more than 25 km of the GTA.
Please contact us by
emailbefore proceeding to purchase a session appointment on a property location in Ontario which exceeds 25 km of the GTA or is situated in another city in Canada or in the USA.

Please make your selection below based on session duration and your location.

Psychometry - clairtangency Readings

Psychometric "sensory touch" energy readings are offered in-person only. Personal inanimate objects are read at with the client at an office/studio space which WMS secures in Toronto or other cities in Canada or the USA upon request. Psychometric readings for dwellings, large items and property/land which the client is looking to have the energy read are conducted at the site location of where the item is situated.

Water Medium Marlene, uses the clair sense of "Clairtangency" to obtain a spectrum of details about a particular inanimate personal object such as a piece of jewelry, clothing article that someone has regularly worn or used by reading the accumulated energy that the item has stored over time which has left a permanent imprint. She also is gifted in carrying out Psychometric readings on a particular property such as a home or an area / room within the home, a property, motorized vehicle etc that one might be considering to purchase or looking to discover its history to gain closure or additional insights.

Psychometric readings afford the client with a "snap-shot" of history and any other associated details relevant to the client. The added insights gained can help provide closure or some other value or relevance unique to the client seeking answers or other details that may assist them in making a decision.

So if you are interested in learning about the history of a family heirloom, or if you want to know what story a personal / sentimental inanimate object holds, or what the history of your house, a parcel of property or even a motorized vehicle holds - makes this clairtangency session worth exploring! See below on how to proceed with securing an appointment session today!

After all, You do not know what you don't know". ​

Clairtangency Readings of Personal Inanimate Objects & Property

Psychometric "property reading"

(Held at Client's Property up to 25 KM of GTA)

​"Energy Touch Readings of

Personal Personal Objects / Dwellings  / Properties"

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Psychometric "object Reading"

(Held at a WMS Site Up to 25 KM outside of GTA)

(For session to be booked in other cities in Canada or the USA please  <CONTACT US> for a customized price quote.)

Psychometric Property Read at Client's Location (Within GTA)

Please make your selection below based on session duration and your location.

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Water Medium "Marlene" offers psychometric energy "sensory touch" object readings in-person at one of WMS' venue location centres in the Greater Toronto Area as well as in other cities across Canada or the USA. Property "sensory" readings for a house, land or another type of large property items are delivered at the location where the item is situated.

Book Your Psychometric "PROPERTY" Reading Below

Appointment Booking Details

We offer Psychometric Readings in-person only. For clairtangency readings of personal inanimate objects we will arrange to book a venue space which we use in/around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for clients residing within the GTA. For clairtangency dwelling or property energy readings we will attend the client's location.

For clients who reside within Greater Toronto Area - Please use the drop down menu below (on the left) to make your selection from the options listed.

For clients who reside up to 25km outside of the GTA - Please refer to the drop down menu below (on the right) to make your selection from the session options listed. (e.g., length of session and whether you wish to have personal inanimate objects read which you will bring to your session or if you want to book a Psychometric Consultation Session for Water Medium Marlene to come out to your property or dwelling being read.

Psychometric Energy Readings can also be arranged in other cities in the province of Ontario, or across Canada or in the USA depending on where the client or the property/dwelling is situated. For locations more than 25 km outside of the Greater Toronto Area or for out-of-province locations please complete the contact form on our "Contact Us" page  or send us an e-mail to receive your customized price quote.   

For additional information on how to proceed with purchasing your confidential Psychometric Session please refer to our "Booking Instruction"page for more details. You also are encouraged to review the "Purchase Policy" in advance of proceeding with your on-line session purchase.

Psychometric Property Read at Client's Location (25km of GTA)
Psychometric Object Reading (Max 25km out GTA) WMS SIte

Water Medium "Marlene" offers psychometric "sensory touch" readings in-person only. These readings deliver various insights on a particular person or a situational event by interpreting the energy accumulated on an inanimate object associated to a particular individual or event. Psychometric energy touch readings are also offered for a specific property or location that is significant to the client.

The art of clairtangency is an intuitive ability of reading and interpreting the accumulated atomic energy imprint every inanimate object or property holds which is constantly picked up and stored over time as it comes in contact with a living being or an inanimate matter. 

By identifying and connecting to the energy frequency of a specific inanimate item or property location - Water Medium "Marlene" uses her various clair-senses to offer valuable insights about a person or an event associated with the energy being felt and read.

Psychometric information delivers particular value to those seeking some type of insights, revelations, or confirmations about someone or something. The information and details from these sessions can also help many to move forward utilizing the new details to achieve some form of closure, or to make a better informed decision about their future undertakings.

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Psychometric "property reading"

(Held at Client's Property in Greater Toronto Area)

psychometric "object" Reading​S

In-person psychometry - SESSION OPTIONS

Sensory Energy Readings

"Personal Objects / Dwelling / Property"

Psychometric Object Reading (GTA WMS SIte)

Book Your Psychometric "Object" Reading Below

         CHOICE 1: Duration 1 Hour Session - where you can bring up to 3 Personal Inanimate Objects to be read to our WMS Venue site.

         CHOICE 2: Duratio
n: 2 Hours Session -

                         STREAM A: Up to  5 Different Personal / Inanimate Objects reading

                         STREAM B: Combines 3 Objects Reading with choice of either 1 Dream Analysis (OR) 1 Handwriting Sample Analysis. 

Note: Offered at our WMS site locations in the Greater Toronto Area (up to 25 km of the GTA). Additional fees apply for sessions to be arranged up to 25 km outside of the GTA radius. Please contact us by email before proceeding to purchase a session appointment which is to be held more than 25 km of the GTA or in another city in Canada or in the USA.

psychometric "object" Reading​S

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