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understanding the 8-Clair-Senses

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We utilize different combinations of the 8-clair senses to connect with participating Spirit Guides to  channel their messages from beyond to answer our clients' specific questions on a particular life event, a relationship matter, career direction, relocation plans, locating missing objects or persons including cold case reviews. In addition we relay any messages that come through from a client's loved one who had crossed over so as to provide needed closure or some other information from beyond for their benefit. Our Water Medium Channeling services are offered in-person, by phone and via e-mail where we leave it to our clients to determine which delivery style is easiest and most convenient for them.

In addition to Water Medium Communications with the Spiritual Realm we also offer specific consultations ranging from Psychometric Energy Object Readings, Past Life Exploration, Dream Analysis, Handwriting Analysis and Photograph Readings in an effort to provide spiritual enlightenment, personal empowerment, and opportunity to identify and pursue one's life purpose as our Heavenly Father intended and mapped out with love before one was even born.

To book a WMS session simply click on how you would like to receive your session. You can also  
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working with 8-Clair senses

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​Clairvoyance: Is defined as "Clear Seeing". This is where you receive visual images, pictures or movie like scenes that flash in your mind’s eye or even outside of the mind. These images, which may appear colorful or even in black and white can be snap shots of an actual event and situation in the past/present or future or these images may be symbolic in their meanings for further interpretation.

Clairsentience: Is defined as "Clear Feeling or Sensation" of energy. Spirit Guides often communicate to us through vibration or bodily sensations also known as “clairsentience” of energy. These sensations can come forth as emotions or actual physical sensations incorporating smell, taste, and a sensory response. If you ever had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or you felt something in the pit of your stomach for no apparent reason that is what clairsentience feels like. For Marlene - those who have died let her know of their presence by sending a surge of energy that feels like "pins and needles" move from front to the back of her legs and knee area. This sensation often comes through and is felt by "Marlene" whenever someone is reported missing to let her know that they already have crossed over.

Clairaudience: Is defined as "Clear Hearing" and it is when our Spirit Guides or Angels speak to us and we hear it as our own inner voice. Sometimes sounds that come through from the other side can include a gentle ringing of a bell that is heard but is not physically present near the person. Other sounds can include hearing a particular song or melody without the radio or television being on. These types of clairaudience experiences are often sounds conveyed telepathically by a loved one who has passed who is trying to let one know that they are present and happy in their form of existence. 

Claircognizance: Is defined as "Clear Knowing". This ability allows the one with this gift to just intuitively know information without really knowing where it came from or being able to explain how they know that something being conveyed. Many of us tend to do away with and discount this type of information that just “appears out of no where”. However, these morsels of information and details are usually inspired ideas that are extremely accurate messages from our Guides and Angels trying to be helpful!

Clairtangency: Is defined as "Clear Touching". This term is also known as "Psychometry" (coined by Joseph Rodes Buchannan in 1842 meaning a measurement of the soul). Those with the gift of clairtangency / psychometrics are able to sense energy of an inanimate object or a location by use of touch to relay any messages associated with the item or location being read. "Marlene" often relies on this sacred gift by reading the specific energy of items or locations which has been transferred by past or present owners and accumulated over time including having been influenced from some remarkable event. By reading the vibrations from the items or locational energy - Marlene is able to deliver insightful messages to those looking for answers, wanting added insights or some form of information to bring forth closure or assist them in making some form of a decision. 

Clairalience: Is defined as "Clear Smelling" and it is when you have the ability to suddenly pick-up a scent that is actually not physically present rather associated to someone or something from the past, present or future. Those with this gift are also sought out by spiritual beings trying to let their presence be known. For example the sudden presence of a strong smell of roses in a room where there are no actual flowers present may be a sign from a departed loved one who cherished roses when they were still alive to validate their presence or convey some message to those they left behind.  It is also typical that a scent which appears out of nowhere can suddenly disappear just as readily. This usually occurs as soon as one acknowledges the presence of the aroma and attributes it to its source. Some with this clair-gift have also learned to read the potency of a particular clair-scent in relation to an associated timeline of an upcoming event that the spirit world is trying to convey.  

Clairempathy: Is defined as "Clear Emotional Feeling" when you have the ability to physically tune in and pick-up on the emotional experience and feelings of another person or animal. Empaths are able to experience and feel this type of an emotional response of others without actually needing to be present to the emotional stimulus as they hold the ability to tune in to the energy frequency and its vibrations that living objects resonate from the past, in the present and even in the future. 

Clairgustance: Is defined as "Clear Tasting" and is probably the most unusual of all the psychic phenomena. It is a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) that allows those with this gift to taste a substance associated with someone or something from the past, present or future without actually physically having that particular item in their mouth. For example one with this gift would suddenly taste chocolate chip cookies right about and just before the phone would ring with the caller being their grandma who is famous for baking chocolate chip cookies. Psychics who work in law-enforcement or forensics who hold this gift can also offer great leads to investigators on how a victim died or how they were kidnapped or murdered because the clair taste of chemicals, drugs or blood they can suddenly taste provides added clues and information being conveyed from the other side.​​

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