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The mediumship work we offer through our different water synergy modalities and application of various Clair-Senses - helps our clients gain necessary insights and added clarity of healing from various difficult past events and also gain understanding of how to approach certain life events (especially those deemed challenging) with a new sense of empowerment and fresh perspective moving forward. This includes cleansing one of their esoteric energy clutter to help one recognize certain obstacles that serve to detract the soul from following its true mission and purpose in this lifetime. The ultimate goal for our work is to enlighten others on how to attract, safeguard and promote positive outcomes of happiness and success in all areas of their life. We also help clients gain a deeper understanding on the importance of readily accepting success and every blessing from our Heavenly Father, Mother Earth and the Universe - without guilt, trepidation or self-sabotage as these subconscious negative emotions and beliefs not only result in self-defeating attitudes but unduly undermine one's spiritual growth and opportunities to attain true love and sustainable happiness.

Through our water medium synergy sessions we help individuals understand their life's journey from their soul's perspective so that they can start living and enjoying this magnificent life's journey in all its full splendor and glory as designed and intended by our Heavenly Father - well before we were even born! We also help the subconscious mind internalize how each day is a blessing and an opportunity for our soul to continue to grow and develop in preparation for what lies ahead in the next phase of our universal being that awaits us all in the next realm of our multifaceted existence. One that is a continuum in time that transcends our past, simultaneously exists in the present and lies beyond patiently awaiting our return into its fold. A process that Water Medium Synergy has coined as the "Universal Infinity Factor of Being".


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Water Medium Synergy is all about helping people achieve a Spiritual Re-Awakening through a 3-par holistic approach that brings into harmony their physical body, mind and spirit through carefully guided Water Sensory experiences that use touch and sound of water's pure energy essence and vibration to cleanse one of their accumulated esoteric clutter. Sessions are designed to help illuminate one's life purpose, reconnect the individual to the Universe's majestic energy source and deliver valuable messages from the magnificent and omnipresent divine Spiritual Realm. The objectives for our water mediumship work is to help create a higher state of spiritual consciousness - one that is intune with the Divine Universe's Frequency, Energy and Laws for the benefit of our soul's journey and continuum of development through time and across dimensions.


We strive to help individuals find their life's true purpose and to feel content and fulfilled while pursuing and completing the stages of their soul's growth and development on a micro level (during this lifetime's dimension) and also on a macro cosmic level. We also try to help individuals reconcile past life challenges and find needed closure on some difficult life events so they can move past their pain or confusion through the guidance from the magnificent Universal Spiritual Realm that is standing by to open the pathways of renewed hope, strength, and courage to embrace one's soul's journey that our Heavenly Creator intended for each one of us to experience for our spiritual benefit in the present and beyond. 


By incorporating the acoustic sound and sensory feel of water's energy source we help cleanse and open the physical body, mind and spirit to the incredible Divine energy and powerful cosmic vibrations. Our work provides added insights and tools to help one to identify and broaden their understanding to their life's purpose and how to utilize the Universal Laws of Attraction, and recognize the true meaning of all presented life situations as valuable life lessons that offer their soul the opportunity to develop and grow in preparation of the next dimensional existence that is awaiting patiently our returned presence. After all, each phase of our past and present life experiences has been designed with a grand purpose by our Heavenly Creator - to offer our soul with the opportunities to continue its growth and development so we may be ready and able to proceed and succeed in what lies ahead for each one of us - in the next dimension of Universal being some call the "after life".

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Our Professional & Ethical Standards:

To help you with your choice of whether Water Medium Synergy (WMS) is the right fit for your personal enlightenment in your soul's journey in this life please read below on what makes our intuitive water synergy services unique from our competitors. 

  • First and foremost, we strive to enhance our clients' spiritual growth by using a "3-Par" wholistic approach. One that focuses and brings into harmony the body, mind and spirit through the use of various water energy modalities that stimulate  each of the 6 senses. We also use acoustic and sensory water modalities to cleanse and rid the body, mind and spirit of accumulated esoteric clutter so that a higher sense of one's consciousness is awoken to one's real life purpose so as to help provide new direction to the intended path of the soul's journey.  

  • Second, water energy helps us to connect to the Universe's energy force and the powerful spirit world standing by to offer spiritual enlightenment to those seeking understanding of what their present life's purpose is and the significance of presented life lessons they may be unclear about. Life lessons and experiences that serve as an opportunity for their soul to further develop to enable continued progress to the next dimension of being after this life is completed including identify which life lessons they may be repeating in this life that were missed in their prior lives.

  • Third, our sessions always respect individual freedoms and promote one's freewill. Our sessions are presented as mere stepping stones aimed to help others identify their options, weigh the "pros and cons" and then make well informed decisions on how to achieve harmony and balance in each aspect of their life so that their soul's journey is one of success and value laden.

  • Lastly, our work is delivered with the highest professional integrity, privacy, confidentiality and ethical conviction which includes following Karmic laws, respecting Divine and Spiritual laws and the promotion of creating harmony and balance in the cosmic realm through exchange of all that is of the White Light and on the frequency of Water's pure energy essence and resonance.

To help you determine which Water Medium Synergy (WMS) session is the right fit for your personal and spiritual enlightenment please <click here>to learn more about what makes our holistic and intuitive water synergy services unique from other spiritual advisers and psychics.

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