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relationships & cosmic love

We offer Relationship Water Medium Consultation Sessions in-person, by phone and via e-mail. During your confidential session we will help answer your questions about a specific relationship, provide you with insights to help you recognize your soul mate connections with a partner, family or friends. We will also help you recognize your Cosmic Currency, regain your self-confidence and trust in finding healthy and positive relationships that present people in your life who can reciprocate the values, love and care you present selflessly to others. 

You can also
<Contact Us> directly - by using the on-line form to submit your confidential inquiry in how we can provide you with the needed enlightenment in your life's relationship journey. 

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Understanding Soul Mate Connections

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​what constitutes a soul mate?

Soul mates share a common soul energy bond which is instantly recognized on a subconscious "sentient" level whenever souls cross each others paths in a particular life. Many of us will be able to recall knowing or meeting someone for the very first time where they feel an inexplicable instant connection with them. Similarly, one can hold a powerful closeness with a particular family member, friend, or life partner where a strong bond exists beyond rational human explanation. It is these strong feelings of familiarity, peace and genuine love towards another being that flow from the sacred contract their souls entered into well before being born into q physical body where each committed to the other to further each other's spiritual evolution (soul development) in a given physical life. 

soul MATE connections defined:

Soul connections are dynamic, fluid and can be plural in nature where it is possible to have more than one soul mate in any particular lifetime. The bond that soul mates share also transcends time and space. Meaning some may connect briefly during a particular life span and as soon as a particular life lesson has been successfully completed they may part ways to pursue their continuum of development independently or with other souls whom they also committed to assist in some way for a period of time. Hence, soul mate connections hold an infinite bond which intercepts life spans during the continuum of spiritual evolution. This realization can help some better understand why someone they believed was their soul mate may suddenly no longer remain in their current life's journey. Our WMS mediumship consultations and connections wit the Spiritual Realm can help one recognize the events for a soul mate existence and also how to find closure and renewed hope that their soul journeys are forever intertwined in the Spiritual Realm of being.  

Who can be your Soul Mate?   

1. Soul Mates can cross each others paths in any given physical lifetime after they already had shared one or many past lives before under different types of acquaintanceships and personal relationships (e.g., you were lovers, held a child/parent relationship, were siblings or perhaps business partners, even animal / pet interactions in prior lives).

2. Soul Mates are souls with whom your soul has entered into a sacred contract before entering this physical life form and well before being born into a particular life. A sacred soul mate contract takes place in Heaven before one agrees to return to live in physical form here on earth or in another physical cosmic dimension that will aid in one's continued spiritual evolution / soul development stages. This sacred contract is mapped out and entered into voluntarily by your soul and another soul with the help of your spiritual angelic team who identify areas of further spiritual evolution areas that your soul needs to master where you and your soul mate commit to achieve during your physical life journey together. The sacred contract defines the objectives, identifies the various life lessons that will be presented during a life to each soul and also the period of time allotted with 7 exit opportunities for each soul to take. Each soul commits to help and support the other through particular presented life experiences whether they may be positive and/or challenging life events at times. How each soul decides to offer help is up to its own discretion  


Soul mate contracts are fluid, dynamic and plural and can comprise of agreements entered into with various souls in any one life span until the mapped out life lessons are successfully completed. Meaning you can have a spiritual connection with more than one soul at any time for a brief moment or during your entire physical life span. 

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Helping You Foster Healthy & Positive Connections

  • defining soul mate connections
  • the essence of a special soul bond
  • knowing when a relationship is meant to be
  • the essentials of reciprocity in any relationship
  • recognizing toxic people & energy vampires
  • finding closure after a relationship ends
  • defining your cosmic currency value
  • the soul's pursuit of love
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