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​​Water Medium Synergy delivers highly interactive and engaging Medium Entertainment Services at large scale social function, corporate events and fundraisers. Gifted Water Medium Marlene offers an inspirational journey of Personal Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening leaving audiences in awe.

You can always e-mail us directly to discuss booking our Medium Entertainment Services for your upcoming event function! We are also open to tailoring our services to your event theme and can offer additional individualized on-site entertainment services to your guests on request.

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Similar to well known psychic mediums like "Theresa Caputo" or "John Edward" -  Water Medium "Marlene" knows how to deliver insightful speaking presentations that both entertain and spiritually enlighten audiences at various large events, corporate functions including Fundraisers.

​​Using water as a conduit to connect with the the Spirit World - "Marlene" helps audiences understand their life's purpose, discover opportunities for long term love and happiness, including finding closure on a past challenging  or traumatic life event. During her speaking appearances "Marlene" frequently will channel her Spirit Guides to deliver various personal messages shared by those who crossed over to intended members of the audience who may be seeking answers or some type of confirmation that their loved ones are at peace and remain omnipresent in spirit form even after their passing.

Information presented offers audiences with Personal Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening that feeds their soul, brings positive insights, new perspectives about what this life is all about including for some much needed closure on some specific difficult or painful life events. The messages shared always leave many in awe long after they leave the event. 

In addition to appearing as a guest speaker - "Marlene" also holds over 20 years of public speaking experience to effectively perform Master of Ceremony services for large scale events and corporate functions in Ontario, across Canada and the USA. 


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