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TERMS OF USE POLICY & Service Agreement

Updated on: July 22, 2018

Thank you in advance for visiting Water Medium Synergy website and for considering to purchase a service being offered on this website.

​Before you proceed with purchasing a session, consultation or one of the services (referred to from hereinafter as our "product line") offered on this Water Medium Synergy website we would like to first identify to you our applicable terms of use and conditions that apply for all communications, payments, scheduling, cancellation and refund activities undertaken by any user / client and which shall remain in effect at all times to avoid any possible future misunderstandings or confusions as they may arise.

You proceeding with your purchase of any service or product line being offered by Water Medium Synergy on this or any other website we own and list our services through including the 3rd Party Service Providing Source (e.g., Pay-PalClick-4Adviser) shall be considered as you having read, understood and being in full agreement and acceptance of each of the USER AGREEMENT POLICY for terms of use and conditions specified on each of the respective websites including as per the specified "Terms of Use" outlined herein below which shall prevail in the event of any arising dispute in the future of any 3rd Party and its USER AGREEMENT.

Before proceeding to this website please read the following: applicable policies and terms and conditions of use in effect.

Terms of Use Service Agreement
​Privacy Policy

Purchase / Refund Policy

This site is intended for adult use only and any and all access to this site and use of any services listed is denied and strictly prohibited to minors defined as any person(s) under the age of 18 years and younger, or persons not of the legal age of majority as stipulated in their jurisdiction.

Due to the nature of spiritual content exchanged between participating parties - All sessions held between Water Medium Synergy service provider(s) in the role of a spiritual adviser or psychic medium to any client seeking spiritual enlightenment, personal growth and / or atonement of reconciliation of past events are deemed confidential and private communications and as such are protected by the Charter's guarantee of religion and by the general interpretative statement in   s. 27 of the Charter” (s. 27 deals with Canada’s multicultural heritage).


This site and all linked locations are intended as spiritual / divinity based consultation aimed to provide clients new found personal growth, atonement and enlightenment and is intended solely for PERSONAL ADULT USE of persons of legal age of majority applicable in their jurisdiction. No financial, legal, or medical advice shall be issued and no similar request for such services shall be requested at anytime from Water Medium Synergy spiritual adviser(s) or their designated service provider(s) by the client user in receipt of any form of consultation or presented information. Only parties able to appreciate and understand the full meaning and/or intention of the above said terms and conditions of this agreement are permitted, authorized, and allowed to enter and read including purchase any /all services or products made available on this website or through posted links to other services or providers. By entering this site, the user further agrees that any content and/or products posted and/or services received, depictions of services offered or delivered by Water Medium Synergy and its rightful owner, its service provider(s), spiritual adviser(s), its operators and/or any third party shall be accepted by the client's own freewill and as such any/all information received is not to be deemed as offensive or harmful to self and/or others in any manner. Including absolving Water Medium Synergy and its rightful owner, its service provider(s), spiritual adviser(s) and / or its operators from any and all harms, damages or liabilities at all times following receipt of services or information purchased and/or received in any other format.

Also by entering and accessing information on this site, each user confirms and guarantees that they have met the terms and conditions and hold the mental capacity and aptitude to understand and appreciate each of the terms of this agreement noted within. Water Medium Synergy spiritual adviser(s) or their designated service provider(s) shall not be held responsible for any content, products, messages, information or images posted on this site or on any of its other websites, blogs, social media sites that may be viewed, purchased or received or downloaded by anyone directly, indirectly, lawfully and/or unlawfully including by any minors or anyone not having the capacity to fully appreciate and understand any/all part of these said terms of use. Bookmarking or directly accessing any other page on this website and ignoring this Agreement shall constitute an implicit understanding and acceptance of this Agreement and subject to appropriate consequences of misuse and/or application as determined appropriate by Water Medium Synergy and its rightful owner, service providers, spiritual advisers and / or any affected operators directly or indirectly. 

​Each user of not legal age of majority, or anyone unable to understand and appreciate any/all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, please exit this site now. If you are of legal age, and / or can understand and appreciate all of the above noted terms and conditions, then you can proceed to read, access and/or purchase the services and/or products offered by Water Medium Synergy spiritual adviser(s) or their designated service provider(s) and/or any third party posting on this site at your own freewill and/or discretion with the full acknowledgment and agreement that Water Medium Synergy and its rightful owner and service providers are released from any/all past/present/future harms, damages and/or consequences resulting from use of this website or services and/or products provided and obtained directly and/or indirectly at anytime by anyone.

Payments & Purchases:

​Every purchase of any Water Medium Synergy service and/or product(s) offered or obtained through this website is deemed FULL & FINAL regardless if the payment was processed through PayPal or Click-4Advisor where all payments rendered are agreed to be non-refundable in part or in whole including the buyer releasing all rights to any and all future claim(s) or demands for any type of remedy against Water Medium Synergy. For more details please click <
HERE> to review our Purchase and Refund Policy governing sale of our services and products.


All content, images, and design concepts on this website and all products owned by Water Medium Synergy as well as any 3rd Party Sources appearing on any of our websites are copyright protected by its rightful owner(s) where any unauthorized reproduction, copying, or usage by anyone is strictly prohibited without prior written permission and approval issued by Water Medium Synergy. Any copyright infringements discovered by Water Medium Synergy at any time shall be reported in writing to the culpable unauthorized user or distributor who shall immediately remove such copyright infringements from their website and any other publications or products they sell or offer to anyone. Failure to comply with Water Medium Synergy's request for immediate removal of any content and/or images being used by anyone for whatever reason or purpose shall be deemed as implied consent given to Water Medium Synergy to seek out all legal avenues available including pursuit of criminal charges and/or civil action for remedy, and compensatory relief for any / all damages, losses or costs incurred as a result of the discovered said copyright infringement.  


Water Medium Synergy encourages all users before proceeding to purchase any of our services to read the "TERMS OF USE POLICY" for each third party service provider that we may use to promote on this website and/or sell our services through. By proceeding to purchase any of our services listed on this website and/or on our other websites or through any 3rd Party Service Provider we utilize to process our services or payments shall be considered as you having read, understood and agreed to each of the applicable POLICIES. Furthermore, you understand and agree that Water Medium Synergy does not offer nor make any warranties or assurances to you or anyone about the services or any of the policies identified by any of the third party sources referenced on this or any other website owned and operated by Water Medium Synergy. Every user is also responsible for making their own informed decision on whether to proceed with their purchase  of any services offered for sale herein on this website directly by us at Water Medium Synergy or through any 3rd Party Service Provider listed on this website. Furthermore any user who proceeds to register with any 3rd Party Service Provider for whatever reason to access and/or receive Water Medium Synergy services offered on this website or any other websites that Water Medium Synergy owns and operates shall hereby also agree to indemnify Water Medium Synergy from any and all direct and/or indirect sustained harms, losses, and/or damages in whatsoever form or nature in the future that may have arisen directly or indirectly from a 3rd Party Service Source Provider a user has registered and opened an account with. 

We encourage all to please read the Terms of Use Policies of the following 3rd Party Service Providers that we use to sell and process payments for any services we offer through this website: Click-4Advisor - USER AGREEMENT; PayPal - USER AGREEMENT.

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