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Additional Tips for Booking Your "In-Person" WMS Session:  

If you are interested in booking your "In-Person" WMS consultation / reading then simply click on one of the WMS service tab links below to learn more about that particular WMS service and to proceed with completing your secure on-line purchase through Pay-Pal. 

In-Person WMS sessions are offered in different durations (either 1 hour or 2 hours sessions) for clients to have their specific questions answered during their consultation with WMS. To maximize the value of your In-Person session experience we also created the option for some WMS services to be combined for the 2 hours In-Person session for greater savings. Please refer to these available service options and other pertinent specifications and details shown on each respective WMS service listing on this website. 

To help us schedule your in-person session appointment at one of our Greater Toronto Area WMS site locations (including up to 25 km outside of GTA) we ask that give us at least 1 week (7 days) lead time to secure the next available appointment date and time that also coincides with your availability and indicated preference range. For session appointments to be delivered in cities that are more than 25 km of the GTA please provide us with at least 3 weeks advance notice to finalize your upcoming session appointment.

​NOTE:Many in-person sessions are confirmed weeks and months in advance. Please know we will always do our very best to accommodate your scheduling needs. However in the event a particular GTA or out of town venue site location is fully booked during the time frame you may have identified as your preference - we may need to offer an alternate session appointment date / time solution for your consideration and follow-up.


All payments full and final and non-refundable unless as stipulated in our
Purchase Policy found on this website. We understand that at times situations may arise where a client may need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed session. To reschedule a confirmed session appointment we require advance written notification by email within the applicable time lines identified in our Purchase Policy so we can best accommodate your rescheduling needs whenever possible. 

​​"Insights Gained from  Every Handwriting style"

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​​"Learn what a personal object or a particular location can reveal about someone or a past event ."

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We recognize that each client has their own level of comfort and preference on how they would like their      "One-on-One" confidential water mediumship session delivered. As such, in addition to offering phone and email service delivery modalities - we offer a choice of 1 hour and 2 hours in-person consultations at various venue location sites that we regularly reserve in the Greater Toronto Area, across Ontario and other cities in Canada and the USA.

  • For clients who reside within Greater Toronto Area - Please use the Local GTA Booking Tab when booking your        in-person WMS session of interest.  
  • For clients who reside outside of the Greater Toronto Area (up to 25 km of the GTA) - Please use the                 Outside GTA Booking Tab when booking your in-person session of choice. 
  • For clients who reside more than 25 km of the GTA or who live in another city in Canada or the USA -            please e-mail us first prior to making an on-line purchase so we can prepare a customized price quote based on the          location for your in-person session we are to deliver to you.

Each individual or group "in-person" WBS session is provided with high level of spiritual consciousness, personal attentiveness and quality of service and care.  

  • For available list of our services delivered in-person please refer to the bottom of this page where each service tab is linked to         the appropriate session page for you to proceed with finalizing your purchase through Pay-Pal's secure on-line payment links 
  • All WMS Session fees and rates are billed in US Dollars according to session type, duration value (length) and location selected. 
  • In-Person WMS sessions are arranged and held at one of the various venue site locations which we at WMS regularly secure           for in-person water mediumship consultations for clients who reside in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or up to 25 km outside       of the GTA.
  • We also offer in-person WMS sessions in cities more than 25 km of the Greater Toronto Area as well as in other cities in                 Canada  or in  the USA - at venue locations we secure to offer the requested WMS session for our out-of-town clients.  
  • To schedule an in-person session appointment outside of the GTA, (more than 25 km) or in another city, province or state             please complete the contact form FIRST on our "Contact Us" page  or send us an e-mail to receive your customized price         quote for your out-of town session request.
  • Session location details for the In-Person WMS Consultation will be finalized when your on-line payment is processed and         the venue location site for the session is secured based on the next available session appointment date and time and your             availability and preference.  
  • If you have any questions about booking your in-person WMS session or for additional information on how to proceed with            purchasing your session please refer to our "Booking Instruction" page for more details and the easy 3 Step Registration           Process.
  • You also are encouraged to review the "Purchase Policy" in advance of finalizing your on-line session purchase. 
  • By proceeding with your payment you confirm you have read, understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions                 detailed in our Purchase Policy, Terms of Use Service Agreement and ourPrivacy Policy- set out herein on this website.
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Before proceeding to this website please read the following: applicable policies and terms and conditions of use in effect.

Terms of Use Service Agreement
​Privacy Policy

Purchase / Refund Policy

​​​"Communications with the Spirit World" 

​​"Decoding  Dream Communications"

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"Exploring your Cosmic Footprints & Lives Lived" 

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​"Spiritual Group Enlightenment Service options"

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"Access to a peaceful higher conscious state through  sensory touch and acoustic sounds of water's energy."

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In-Person Consults

"One-on-One" Sessions  (Choice of 1 hour (or) 2 hours duration)

(Offered locally in Greater Toronto Area and cities across Canada and the USA.)