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You can always e-mail us to discuss your upcoming small group event needs or to obtain a quote for a customized mediumship service. 

Enlightenment through Water Sound

Recreating the sound of water's calming energy frequency help individuals enter a higher state of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment Through the soothing sound of the water's energy vibrations - offers the sensation of existential freedom and peace - similar to how one felt in the womb. The sound of water also helps re-leave the mind's clutter while relaxing the physical body and becoming attune to the harmony of one's spirit. This new state of body, mind and spiritual calmness also enables one tap into their subconscious mind to recall their true life purpose in this life with greater clarity and understanding to move positively forward.


Small Social Soirees / Special Family Celebrations / Private Events

Small Group Event Booking (For 1-25 Guests)

Looking to add a new dimension of entertainment to your upcoming special event or private function?

Consider booking Water Medium "Marlene" to deliver a highly interactive and engaging group presentation session that serves both as entertainment and spiritual enlightenment experience for all in attendance. Whether you are throwing a Bridal Showers, Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties, or are looking to entertain your guests at a small wedding reception - booking Water Medium Marlene will leave your guests entertained and leaving uplifted and in awe!

Similar to world renown Psychic Mediums Theresa Caputo and John Edwards, gifted Water Medium Marlene uses her various 8-Clair-Senses to deliver special messages from the Spirit World to engage the audience and help them gain added insights to their life's purpose, discover opportunities for long term love and happiness, including finding closure on the past. She also delivers specific messages from loved ones that crossed over to those looking for added closure and validation that their loved ones are present and at peace.

Time permitting - guests are given the opportunity to ask specific questions in a group setting if they want to connect to a particular loved one or just are looking for added insights from the Spirit Guides to help them move forward in a positive direction.

Small Group Events for 25-50 Guests

Small group event bookings


​Sensory Gem Water Cleanse & Acoustic Water Healing

Group Program: Water Synergy Wellness
Duration Options: 1.5 hours Session - fee includes a bottle filled with water and select crystal gems 
Group Sizes: 10 - 30 participants. 
Locations:  Events held in and surrounding Greater Toronto Areas (max 25km of GTA) - for events outside of GTA additional travel fee applies.
 NOTE: Water Energy Wellness Group Sessions also offered in other cities across Canada and the USA upon request.

Small Group Medium Entertainment Options 25-50 Guests
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Small Group Water Synergy Wellness Options

In addition to offering Water Synergy Wellness sessions on an individual basis we also can provide an all inclusive Water Synergy Wellness 2 hours program to groups of 10 to 30 participants where we come out to our client's location such as their residence, at a gym facility or at the workplace where there is a large room available to accommodate the group size. This service is of particular interest and value to those looking to cleanse their body, mind and spirit from pent up stressors and to release accumulated esoteric clutter to create a harmonious sense of holistic balance. The one and half (1.5) hours session is divided into two respective segments where we start with introducing participants to Water Sensory Cleansing experience using gem water's pure energy to free their body, mind and spirit from any accumulated stressors and esoteric energy clutter. Following which we introduce the water's calming sound energy to heighten participants to a higher state of consciousness, mindfulness and self-awareness. Basically to finding their innate reset button to awaken their inner child and approach life with a new positive attitude and passion.

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Title: ​"Let's Connect with the Spirit World"
Duration Options: 1 to 3 hours Sessions (Choice of only Group Reading or Group Reading with individual mini-readings for interested guests)
Group Sizes: Up to 50 guests. 
Locations:  Events held in and surrounding Greater Toronto Areas (max 25km of GTA) - for events outside of GTA additional travel fee applies.
 NOTE: Small events held in other cities across Canada and the USA upon request.

Gem Water Energy Cleanse 

The sensory feel of water's pure energy and specific gems and crystals we help clients to free their body, mind and spirit from accumulated esoteric clutter that is holding them back in life in some way. The soothing exposure on the skin and the feel of the water's pure tranquil energy resonance from the added specific gems helps one to align the physical, psychological and emotional being to start functioning in greater unison and harmony. The benefits from Gem Water Energy Cleanse also promotes the release of any caustic emotions of worry, anger, confusion, sadness and fear - including recognition and release of self-sabotaging behaviors. As negative emotions and thoughts are released - room is created for a renewed sense of self-confidence, inner peace, clarity in thought, and recognition of one's self esteem and self-worth. Creating a self-empowering rebirth to embrace life with new vigor and clarity.

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Small Group Medium Entertainment Options 1-25 Guests