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  • Water Synergy - Water Energy Wellness (offered in-person only)
  • Water Medium Channeling - Spiritual Connection Consultations                 (offered in-person, by phone or via e-mail)
  • Psychometric "Sensory Touch" Energy Reading of  "Personal                   Inanimate Objects / Dwellings or Property Locations                                     (offered in-person only)
  • Reincarnation & Past Life Exploration (offered in-person, by phone, via         or e-mail)
  • Dream Analysis (offered in-person, by phone or via e-mail)
  • Writing Analysis (offered in-person by phone or via e-mail)
  • Photo "Face" Reading (offered by phone or via e-mail)
  • Water Medium Synergy Workshops & Seminars (in-person)
  • Small Group Events - Spiritual Enlightenment (in-person)
  • Large Group Events / Corporate Functions / Fundraisers -                           Guest Speaker and Mediumship Entertainment (in-person)


Water Medium Synergy is all about helping people achieve a Spiritual Re-Awakening through a 3-par holistic water synergy approach. One that offers individuals a new way to connect to the Universe's majestic pure energy source and receive guidance from the Spiritual Realm beyond.

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Water Medium Synergy Summary of Services Offered
  • In-Person 'One-on-One" Sessions
  • Phone & E-Mail Consultations
  • Workshop / Seminars
  • Guest Speaking Engagements 
  • Small & Large Event Entertainment
  • Water Synergy Enlightenment
  • Water Medium Channeling
  • 8-Clair Senses

Gifted spiritual Awakening!


  • Water Mediumship Wellness
  • Esoteric Energy Decluttering
  • Spiritual Enlightenment & Self-Empowerment
  • Spiritual Growth & Soul Development
  • Medium Communications / Channeling Spirit Guides
  • ​Connections with Departed Loved Ones
  • Life Purpose Mapping
  • Psychometric Energy Sensory Readings
  • Locating Missing Items / Persons - Cold Case Assistance
  • Reincarnation & Retracing One's Cosmic Footprints
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Photograph Readings
  • ​​Defining Work / Career / Business Goals 
  • ​Relationships / Soul Mate Connections​
  • Travel / Relocation Timing
  • Intuition and 8-Clairs Development 

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Water medium SYNERGY  specialization & expertise

Using various Clair-Senses we incorporate the feel and sound of water's pure energy essence to deliver for our clients a higher state of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Water serves as a conduit in each session connecting to the Universal Energy Force and its Spiritual Realm to provide clarity and understanding of their soul's mission, life purpose and areas designed to offer their soul it's continuum of development in this lifetime. Mediumship Water Channeling consults also offer messages from the other side to help answer clients' specific questions, provide clarity and new perspectives including opportunity for departed loved ones to come through to convey a special message or help offer needed closure. Connections with the Spiritual Realm helps create spiritual enlightenment for clients to lead a happier and fulfilled life as our Heavenly Creator intended for each of us all along.