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What sets our WMS Photograph Readings apart from others? 

E-Mail Photograph Reading Session Options

OPTION 1:     30 Minutes Phone Session - Offers 1 Photograph Reading

OPTION 2:    60 Minutes Phone Session - 2 Photograph Submissions (30 minutes per photo) Offers $50 Savings!

OPTION 3: 90 Minutes Phone Session- 3 Photograph Submissions (30 mins per photo) Offers Additional Savings!!

NOTE: The photographs to be read by phone must be submitted as an attached jpg image by e-mail to us at least 48 hours in advanceof confirmed phone session appointment. Photographs should be high resolution and minimum 800 x 800 px quality. Photos can be color or black & white featuring only the person or animal you want to be read with their face clearly shown.   


If you have any questions about your Phone consultation / session please refer back to the "Booking Instructionspage that identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.

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Photograph Readings are offered: By phone (where we call you after you provided us with your photographs to be read) and via e-mail.

Each session modality regardless of communication style selected provides the same high level of spiritual consciousness, personal attentiveness and high quality of service.

To book a Photograph Reading Session please scroll down for the provided PayPal linked tabs to complete your purchase order. Once your payment is processed we will follow up to schedule your appointment session date and time.


(GTA Area Codes 416 / 647 / 905 / 403)

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 (Limit of 1 Photograph Per E-Mail Submission)

From a submitted Face Photograph we can readily identify the innate characteristics and personality traits of the individual appearing in the photo by utilizing various clair-abilities to read the photo image's energy. The insights and information gained can be an insightful tool - especially for those wanting to learn more about themselves or the party (shown in the photograph) to determine compatibility areas. The details which a photo reading focuses on ranges from listing particular tendencies, habits, hidden strengths, weaknesses and select predispositions that one may be unaware of or which are kept deliberately private from others.

Readings are offered: By phone (where we call you after you have submitted by e-mail the photograph(s) in advance of your phone session) or via e-mail. Regardless of reading modality selected - the results offer 98% accuracy.

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Phone Session Booking - Photograph "Face" Reading 

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E-Mail Sessions comprise of you submitting necessary information for your client session / reading to which we respond to you by e-mail.

Telephone Sessions is where we call you on the date and time of your confirmed booking.

"Do you know what a face reveals ?"

CHOICE 1: Submit One (1) Photograph per e-mail reading

CHOICE 2: Submit Two (2) Photographs  per e-mail reading - Offers a $50 Savings!

CHOICE 3: Submit Three (3) Photographs per e-mail reading - Offers additional Savings!

Submission Criteria: Photographs can be of persons or pets wanting to be read. Photographs can also be of those who have crossed over. We also ask that any submitted photographs clearly show the face and limit others from the frame to avoid energy cross-overs.

DETAILS: Following your session purchase below - you will be asked to forward your photo by e-mail to us as an attachment in JPG format minimum of 800 px x 800 px size.  Please allow at least 48 hours to receive your photograph reading report sent to you by e-mail. 

Value of Photograph Readings by E-Mail Session - This e-mail modality option is ideal for those who like to review the reading information at their own pace and also have the opportunity to later reflect upon the content and findings.


If you have any questions about your e-mail consultation / session please refer back to the "Booking Instructions" page that identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.

NOTE:By proceeding below with your on-line payment for an e-mail session with Water Medium Synergy you confirm you have read,  understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy and our Terms of Use - Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.

Phone Photograph Readings

"What the Face reveals about one's personality traits"

​(Choice of 30 - 60 - 90 minutes phone reading sessions)

​​​​Please make your selection below based on YOUR AREA CODE and duration preference.

E-Mail Sessions: Photograph Readings

"Discovery What One's Face Reveals About One's Caharacter"

 (2 Options for E-mail Submissions)

E-Mail OPTION 1: E-Mail Directly with Us

 (Choice of 1 to 3 Photograph E-Mail Submissions)

To proceed with booking your Photograph "Face" Reading please select from the drop down menu lists below to complete your purchase for a confidential "Phone or E-mail" session.

NOTE: ​Session selection options are itemized below by delivery mode and location specifications.

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Our gifted photograph readers hold a keen analytical knowledge, training and intuitive skill sets to readily identify various innate personality traits, character, behavioral patterns, hidden strengths, weaknesses and other predispositions.​

Submitted photographs can be either of a person or an animal "pet" (including those who are alive or who have crossed over). 

​Typically people look to have someone's photo read because they want to know more about them for the purpose of gaining a glimpse into their personality and their character traits to enhance their personal relationship or professional interactions. For others, having a photo reading performed on someone who has passed on can provide added closure through understanding of who they were or why they acted in a particular manner. Some also have their own photo read to gain introspection about themselves.

Phone Session - Photograph Readings (Outside GTA Area Codes)
Phone Session - Photograph Readings (GTA Area Codes)

Book Your Photograph Reading Session Below

 (Session Options: By Phone (or) via E-Mail)

Photograph Submission Options:

(i) photograph of you; (or)

(ii)photograph of someone other incl. a pet.

Booking Your "E-Mail" Photograph Reading

Option 2 (through CLICK-4Advisor Portal):  

​​If you are interested in receiving an e-mail consultation from us but want to keep your email address anonymized then click <here> or on the Click-4Advisor image (to the right) to proceed to the Click-4Advisor email portal. You will need to create a Click-4Advisor user account before booking your email session of choice. To set up a user account please click <here>.

When selecting this email session on Click-4Advisor

please reference Service ID 6762.

This E-Mail Option offers you a special flat rate of $75 USD for One (1) Photograph (of you, someone else including pets or a departed loved one)  to be submitted through the Click-4Advisor Portal through which we will respond back to you by email with various details about their innate character traits and any other messages that are conveyed during the medium reading. Email correspondence will be through a double blind email connection for added privacy to those who do not wish to have their email address disclosed for this reading. 

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E-Mail correspondence will delivered through Click-4Advisor Portal

​"Why a Picture is Truly Worth More Than a Thousand Words" 

(Discover What Lies Beneath the Exterior Shell )


(Option 1 - direct email reading of 1 to 3 Photographs) 

"Photograph Face Reading"