CHOICE 1:      1 Dream Submission for Analysis

CHOICE 2:      2 Separate Dream Submissions per e-mail session (Offers $50 Savings!)

CHOICE 3:      3 Different Dream Submissions per e-mail session (Offers additional Savings!)  

NOTE:2 and 3 Dream Analysis E-mail Sessions offered at added savings!  

Submission Details: Dreams being submitted for analysis by Water Medium Marlene require a written detailed story account of the entire dream - from how the dream started to the point that you awake from it. Please also include the envisioned background of the dream and any important persons, objects and activities you or someone else is seen doing in the dream. The more specific the details the better for the interpretation of messages that are being conveyed to you during that dream. It is also of value if you include the range of emotions you felt during the dream. Once you submit your dream details we will process your dream interpretation report and forward it to you by e-mail within 48 hours of receiving your dream submission.

Sketches / Drawings of a Dream Welcome: In addition to providing a detailed description of your dream we also welcome any drawings of the dream from clients who are artistically inclined and would like to use a picture drawing to capture parts of their dream for analysis. Any artwork submissions are requested to be e-mailed to us by attaching a copy of the sketch using a PDF or JPG file format. 

Dream Analysis E-Mail Session - This e-mail modality option is ideal for those who like to review information we offer at their own pace and also have the opportunity to later reflect upon the content if and as needed.


If you have any questions about your e-mail consultation / session please refer back to the "Booking Instructions" page that identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.

NOTE:By proceeding below with your on-line payment for an e-mail session with Water Medium Synergy you confirm you have read,  understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy and our Terms of Use - Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.

​OPTION 2:    Interpretation of 2 or 3 Dreams
DURATION: 2 Hours (approx. 20 minutes per dream)  
- Offered at $50 discount savings!

Session Value:  Opportunity to have 2 different dreams analysed during this 2 hours session. Great offer as 2 hours session saves you $50. The session value and outcomes are similar to OPTION 1 (see above) plus you will have the opportunity to receive a water medium channeling reading where you can ask the Spirit Realm questions to help you gain added insights on particular dream messages they have provided to you to help you to conquer a present fear, or find needed closure to a challenging life event so you can move positively forward. Information revealed during this session also aims to provide you with valuable insights that can help you recognize presented opportunities by your subconscious mind during a dream as well as enable you to make informed decisions on opportunities being presented to you.


If you have any questions about your In-Person "ONE-on-One" consultation / session please refer back to the 
"Booking Instructions" page that identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.

NOTE: By proceeding below with your on-line payment for an In-Person session with Water Medium Synergy you confirm you have read,  understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy, our Terms of Use - Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.​​

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Book Your Dream Analysis Session Below 

(Session Options: In-Person / by Phone (or) via E-Mail)

Dream Analysis Sessions are offered: In-Person, by phone and via e-mail. Each session modality regardless of communication style selected provides the same high level of spiritual consciousness, personal attentiveness and high quality of service.

To book a Dream Analysis Session please scroll down for the provided PayPal linked tabs to complete your purchase order for a consultation with Water Medium Marlene. Once your payment is processed we will follow up to schedule your appointment session date and time.

Dream Analysis 

E-Mail communications are delivered through Click-4Advisor Portal.

​Scroll Down to Book a Session

OPTION 1:    Interpretation of 1 or 2 Dreams

One-On-One Session -  During your dream analysis consultation you will have the opportunity to provide details of 1 to 2 specific dreams including the associated emotional responses felt during and post the dream state. We will help tease out the specific symbols from the dream content presented, interpret the hidden messages being conveyed as well as identify each of your dream's originating source. The insights offered are aimed to help you see your dreams not just as a means to try and repress or disguise conflicts or fears but also unleash your underlying strengths and creativity to embark on opportunities being presented to you in your current life's journey. In addition this session offers the opportunity to ask ample of questions and engage in an open dialogue on the information presented. 

NOTE: By proceeding below with your on-line payment for an In-Person Dream Analysis Session you confirm you have read,  understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy, our Terms of Use - Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.​​

GTA In-Person Dream Analysis Sessions at WMS Site

Dream Analysis via E-Mail

"Decoding What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You" 

(Offering 2 Options)

Our confidential Water Medium Synergy dream interpretation consultations offer the opportunity to discuss particular dreams, discover the underlying dream message meaning as well as help you process any associated emotional and physiological responses you typically experience during and post the dream state. While dreaming is often associated to the subconscious mind and its way use dreams to tell you "your outer self" something for your personal benefit and spiritual growth - dreams are also known to serve as a means for Spiritual Beings (e.g., your Spirit Guides or loved ones who crossed over) to connect with your "inner being" while you sleep in an attempt to deliver special messages of wisdom, guidance, courage and strength to gain some closure or help you on your life's journey.

Dream communication styles can range from presented pictures, images and stimulation of emotional cues. Unfortunately one does not always understand the message of a dream - leaving one feeling perplexed as our analytical left side of the brain tries to process the information instead of allowing the inner higher state of the subconsciousness to interpret the dream's actual meaning. That is where we can help. Our knowledge and expertise in dream imagery and symbolism interpretation including the use of intuitive clair abilities can help to decode your dreams' message and its source of origin. The insights and explanation we offer can help provide you with guidance, ability to process and finally release a difficult past event including overcoming any subconscious fears that may be holding you back unnecessarily. The fresh perspective gained serves as empowerment to approach life with a new found passion and purpose.

Session where you call us to connect instantly or request a call back.

Phone Session - Dream Analysis (Outside GTA Area Codes)
E-Mail Dream Interpretation Session Options
O/GTA In-Person Dream Analysis Sessions (25km of GTA)
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In-Person Dream Analysis Session

​- Choice of 1 hour (or) 2 hours duration - 

​"We Help Decode What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You"

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LOng distance CALLS

(All Area Codes Outside of the GTA)

Water Medium Synergy Dream Analysis Email Session Linked to Click-4Advisor Portal

Water Medium and Spiritual Adviser, Marlene helps individuals gain added insights on what the spiritual meaning of their dreams is and how to utilize the take away message for future personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Individual consultations address:

  • Dream analysis
  • Dream imagery interpretation
  • Dream state message symbolism
  • Meaning of reoccurring dreams
  • Learning how to enhance one's dream recall
  • Uncovering causes for reoccurring nightmares
  • Utilizing dream messages for one's empowerment
  • Dream communications by Spirit Realm

NOTE: ​Session selection options are itemized below by delivery mode and location specifications.

"ONE-ON-ONE" Dream Analysis Sessions


(Within Greater Toronto Area)

Book Your In-Person Dream Analysis Below

OPTION 1: "Call Marlene Now"

 (Rate per Minute: $5.75 USD through Click-4Advisor)

Phone Session - Dream Analysis Consult

"Understanding Dream Symbols and Messages Conveyed"

​(Offering 2 Options)

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(Upto 25 km of Greater Toronto Area)

Phone Session - Dream Analysis (Local GTA Area Codes)

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(For session to be booked in other cities in Canada or the USA please  <CONTACT US> for a customized price quote.)

Booking Your "E-Mail" Dream Ananlysis Session

Option 2 (through CLICK-4Advisor Portal):  

​​If you are interested in receiving an e-mail consultation from us but want to keep your email address anonymized then click <here> or on the Click-4Advisor image (to the right) to proceed to the Click-4Advisor email portal. You will need to create a Click-4Advisor user account before booking your email session of choice. To set up a user account please click <here>.

When selecting this email session on Click-4Advisor

please reference Service ID 6761.

This E-Mail Option offers you a special flat rate of $75 USD for One (1) Dream Summary (with all pertinent details) to be submitted to us through the Click-4Advisor Portal to which we will respond back to you by email with a detailed interpretation of your dream's significance and what the Spirit Realm may be trying to communicate to you to help you succeed. Email correspondence will be through a double blind email connection for added privacy to those who do not wish to have their email address disclosed for this reading.

Book Your Phone Session (where we call you)

 (Local Calls only apply to GTA Area Codes 416, 647, 905 and 403)

If your area code falls outside of the above Area Codes please select your phone session under the "LONG DISTANCE" tab below.)

Note: Sessions are offered at our WMS site locations in the Greater Toronto Area (up to 25 km of the GTA). Additional fees apply for sessions to be arranged outside of the 25km GTA radius. Please contact us by email before proceeding to purchase a session appointment which is to be held more than 25 km of the GTA or in another city in Canada or in the USA.


(Option 1 - direct email with us analyzing 1 to 3 Dreams) 

"Dream Analysis" 


(GTA Area Codes 416 / 647 / 905 / 403)

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Call Us Now Button linked to Click-4Advisor

Telephone Session where we call you on the date and time of your confirmed booking.

​​​Please make your selection below based on session interest, duration and location preference.

E-Mail Option 1 - You E-Mail Marlene Directly

 (Choice of 1 to 3 Dreams Analysed Per E-Mail Session)


 (Choice of Prepaid 30 - 60 - 90 minutes sessions)

E-Mail Option 2 - E-mail Via CLICK-4ADVISOR Portal

 (Limit of 1 Dream to be interpreted Per E-Mail Session)

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Water Medium and Spiritual Adviser, "Marlene" delivers a very insightful spiritual dream analysis to help individuals understand what their dreams symbolize and also how to utilize the messages being conveyed by their subconscious mind that is connected with the Spiritual Realm of being looking to provide helpful direction and guidance on one's current life pathway.

This confidential dream consultation identifies the meaning of one's dreams, analyses symbolic imagery in a dream and uncovers any underlying emotional ties to certain dream re-occurrence. The benefit of dream analysis is to uncover what one's subconscious mind is bringing to the forefront during the dream state, identify what the symbolic messages mean and what to do with the information to help bring closure and utilize the new insights for personal success and triumph over a situation that one may be reluctant or fearful to face or unsure how to resolve. 

​​​Please make your selection below based on YOUR AREA CODE and duration preference.

CHOICE 1: 30 Minutes Phone Session: (Limited to 1 Dream Analysis / Interpretation)

CHOICE 2: 60 Minutes Phone Session: (30 minutes per Dream) - Offers $50 Savings!
Allows for 2 Dreams to be Analysed during this one hour phone consultation session. 

CHOICE 3: 90 Minutes Phone Session: (30 minutes per Dream) - Additional Savings!  

Allows maximum of 3 Dreams to be Analysed.

Session Value:  Our Dream Analysis services offered by phone will allow you to chat openly from the comfort of your home. Our gifted dream interpretation expert Water Medium Marlene will call you on the confirmed scheduled date and time following you finalizing your choice of phone session through the links provided below.  The offered half hour consultation session is ideal to have a detailed discussion of one particular dream and the messages your subconscious mind is delivering to you. If you have 2 or 3 dreams which you wish to have interpreted as well - NO WORRIES! Our 60 minutes and 90 minutes phone sessions are offered at an additional savings to provide you with added insights and analysis in one simple call. Similar to our in-person and e-mail dream analysis sessions - Water Medium Marlene dedicates ample of time to each dream analysis where you will have opportunity to ask questions and discuss the insights offered. By the end of your phone dream session you will have a clear understanding about what your subconscious mind has been trying to convey to you in your dream state to help you move forward with a new sense of enlightenment and fervor according to your life's purpose and the master vision for your success.


If you have any questions about your Phone consultation / session please refer back to the "Booking Instructionspage that identifies the easy 3 Step Registration Process.

NOTE: By proceeding below with your on-line payment for a phone session with Water Medium Synergy you confirm you have read,  understood and agree to the terms of use and conditions detailed in our Purchase Policy and our Terms of Use - Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy - set out herein on this website.