Please click on the section title above to open the list of "Services Offered" to individuals and in small and large group settings. From that list of services simply click on the tab that is of interest to you. You will then be re-directed to learn more about that particular selected service, including various range of modalities we offer them in to our clients as well as list of associated session fees and rates. 

​NOTE: The date and time of a selected session or consultation will be confirmed by e-mail following receipt of client's electronic payment from Pay-Pal. 

We ask that sessions and events be requested at least 72 hours in advance to help us schedule around other appointments we may already have confirmed with other clients.

​NOTE: Many sessions especially special group events and corporate functions are confirmed well in advance (often weeks and months). We will try our best to accommodate your schedule but in the event a particular date or time is unavailable we will contact you by email with alternate available dates and times for your consideration and follow-up.


All payments are deemed as full and final unless stated otherwise in our "Purchase / Refund Policy" page (found listed in the overhead menu and also in this website's footer below) where all applicable directives are specified. We require you to read identified the terms and conditions of use before proceeding with your payment and registration for any session or service offered on this website by Water Medium Synergy. Proceeding with a payment shall be deemed as you having read, understood and agreed in full to all the terms and conditions set out in our
Purchase / Refund Policy

Pay for Session Consult / Event Services

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For Booking a Session Directly through this Website & PayPal


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Contact us through this secure on-line form below.

We understand and respect that sometimes people prefer instant access to an On-Line Service where they may not want the service provider to have their contact details such as phone number or email address.

For this reason Water Medium Synergy is listed with CLICK-4Advisor where our clients can connect when they want with us without having to disclose their contact information.

CLICK-4Advisor offers a double blind phone and email service where after you register an account through Click-4Advisor - You can connect with us anytime with us by phone or email using your CLICK-4ADVISOR account. Click-4Advisor will connect you with us immediately if we are available or schedules a call-back appointment to connect us with you. At no time will your personal information be shared with us unless using this service.

​For details about CLICK-4Adivsor User Account features please click <here>. To get started in setting up your User Click-4Advisor account click <here>. If you have more questions please review their User Agreement and Privacy Policy.  

For a listing of WMS consult services we offer via CLICK-4Advisor Portal by phone or email please refer to our Services Offered page. All services offered through CLICK-4Advisor are shown using the following hyperlinked images for easy and instant access.

Thank you in advance for considering to schedule a WMS session with Marlene being offered through the Click-4Advisor Portal. 

Select Your Session / Event Consultation

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Confirm Your Session / Event Date & Time

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Using Click-4Advisor Portal is 


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You Can Also Book Select Phone & Email Based Sessions through CLICK-4ADVISOR 

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Before proceeding to this website please read the following: applicable policies and terms and conditions of use in effect.

Terms of Use Service Agreement
​Privacy Policy

Purchase / Refund Policy

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For your convenience and ease of securing a session or consultation of your choice - we have included an active "BUY NOW" link for each service listing that Water Medium Synergy offers.

​Simply click on the                         button and scroll down the menu bar to select the particular session that is of interest to you and which you want to purchase. Then continue with the instructions through the verified secure on-line payment provider Pay-Pal.   

​Once payment is received by Water Medium Synergy - we will forward a payment confirmation receipt to you along with asking you to identify your availability of dates and times for the selected session.

A follow-up confirmation on the appointment date will be forwarded to you along with the next steps relating to the session you selected. 

For more information on the terms and conditions for registration and payments please refer to our
"Purchase / Refund Policy" page which is found in both the above menu list and in the footer of this website.

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There are various delivery options offered by Water Medium Synergy for both individual consults and group events across Canada and the USA.

  • In-person "one-on-one" sessions
  • Individual Phone Sessions / Consults (We Call You)
  • Readings / consultations via E-mail
  • water synergy wellness sessions
  • water medium channeling - communications with spirit realm
  • psychometric "object" or "property" energy readings
  • reincarnation / past life sessions
  • ​Dream analysis
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Photograph Face Reading
  • spiritual enlightenment workshops & seminars
  • small group mediumship events
  • large group / Special Event mediumship Entertainment
  • Gift Certificates & GIFT VOUCHERS