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  • Water Synergy Wellness
  • Gem Water Energy Touch Therapy
  • Water Resonance Sound Therapy
  • Esoteric Energy Decluttering 
  • Multi Clair-Communications with Spirit Realm
  • Exploration of Past Lives & Reincarnation
  • Dream Analysis
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Psychometric "Touch" Energy Readings
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Photograph Face Readings
  • Workshop Seminars
  • Clair-Sense & Intuition Development
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Mediumship Entertainment 
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  • Water Mediumship Wellness
  • Existential Crisis Management
  • Spiritual EVOLUTION / SOUL Growth
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Work / Career / Business DIRECTIVES 
  • Love / Romance / Soul Mate CONNECTIONS
  • decluttering esoteric energy build up  
  • healing from adversITY 
  • ReleasING past life influences
  • recovery after Loss 
  • Guardian Angels & Spirit Guide Communications
  • innate Personality Traits markers
  • decoding dream messages
  • FOLLOWING ONE'S Life Purpose 
  • Intuition & Clair SENSE development
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Water Medium and Spiritual Adviser, Marlene helps individuals gain added insights on what the subconscious mind is conveying through a dream and how to utilize the take away insights to gain closure on something weighing one down, how to achieve personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Individual dream consultations address:

  • Interpretation of dream messages being conveyed by the subconscious
  • Dream imagery and symbolism meanings
  • Significance of reoccurring dreams
  • Enhancing dream recall
  • Determining the origin of a particular dream message
  • Exploration of dream communications by Spirits and Loved Ones

The benefit of analyzing one's dreams is to uncover what one's subconscious mind is bringing to the forefront during the dream state, and what the symbolic messages really mean from a spiritual perspective. The gained insights aim to bring some form of closure and new found awareness for personal success and triumph over a situation that may be unduly weighing one down or preventing one to make a needed decision in their life. Dreams can also identify new opportunities on the horizon that may be worth looking out for and also being prepared for them when they do materialize. 

Consultation Sessions are offered:
In-Person, and upon client's request can also be held by  (where we will call you or you call us through 
Click-4Advisor) or via e-mail (offered where you choose if you want to email us directly or want to hold your email session via Click-4Advisor double blind email system).  

Photograph "face" readings help reveal the individual in the photo what their personality type, character qualities, predispositions, strengths, weaknesses may be. ​Photograph specifications will be identified at time of booking a session to ensure the face of the individual being read is clearly visible and preferably without others appearing in the photograph. 

Anticipated Outcomes: Photo readings help identify what type of innate personality traits, characteristics patterns, hidden strengths, weaknesses and certain behavioral predispositions the party appearing in the photograph might hold. The insights and information received can be of special value to those seeking to cultivate relationships with the individual based on the informative details presented including helpful insights of what the party is all about, what they need and how they respond or tend to deal with others or in various circumstances.

Session Delivery Options: Photo Face Readings are offered by e-mail where you have a choice of either emailing us directly or have your email delivered via CLICK-4ADIVSOR double blind email system. We also offer upon request photograph readings by phone (Provided the photo is emailed to us in advance of the scheduled phone reading). Submitted photos can be of either a person or beloved animal "pet" - currently living or those who crossed over. Photographs can be either in color or "black & white". Most recent photos are preferred as older photographs may produce details about the individual around the time period the photo was taken. 

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Handwriting sample reveals personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and all hidden attributes of the writer. The specifications for submitting a handwritten sample will be identified at time of booking a session date and time. Handwriting samples can be submitted by email or in-person.

Anticipated Outcomes: Handwriting Analysis deciphers the writer's handwriting style by identifying their innate personality traits, characteristics patterns, hidden strengths, weaknesses and certain behavioral predispositions. You will be asked to complete a specified handwritten script as provided by us. If interested, you will also have the option to have someone else’s writing style analysed to learn more about their personality traits and innate behavioral characteristics.

Session Delivery Options: In-Person, or via e-mail (offered where you can either email us directly or email us via Click-4Advisor double blind email system). Upon client's request handwriting analysis sessions can also be held by phone (provided handwriting sample is submitted to us directly by email in advance of the scheduled phone session date where we either call you directly or you call us via Click-4Advisor phone system).  

Using water as a conduit and her various clair-sense "Marlene" is able to channel messages from her Master Spirit Guides and those that crossed over who want to let their loved ones know that they are at peace and still present in Spirit with those whom they left behind.

Clients have the opportunity to also ask specific questions during water mediumship readings to gain added insight, guidance or some form of closure on a particular life event. Messages from departed loved ones - especially those who may have passed suddenly or alone offers much needed closure and comfort when they learn that their beloved are at peace and still with them in spirit form.

Water-Mediumship readings can also include channeling messages from beloved pets who crossed over as their spirit animal energy comes equally through to let their owners know that they are safe, at peace and omnipresent in spirit form.

In-person consults are offered in Toronto, Ontario at one of our regular venue site locations which we book to accommodate our clients' confirmed water medium consultation session. We also offer our in-person water medium channeling consultations in cities across Canada and the USA at venue locations that we reserve to meet with our clients who are requesting our WMS services. 

Water Medium Channeling sessions is also available by phone (where we will call you or you call us through 
Click-4Advisor) or via e-mail (offered where you chose if you wish to email us directly or have your email delivered to us via the Click-4Advisor double blind email system).  

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Water is the key element for all living lifeforms on earth - it sustains us, animals and vegetation both directly and indirectly. 

​That is why Water is the key modality used by us to provide holistic cleansing through guided water sensory exposures. By having clients feel the water's pure energy essence and hearing the water's vibration sound energy creates opportunity for one to finally release and rid oneself of their esoteric clutter accumulated by their body, mind and spirit over time.

Water also serves as a perfect conduit to deliver insightful messages, intuitive enlightenment and guidance from the Spiritual Realm. This further helps provide clients with needed clarity about their life's true purpose and the confidence to approach life with new vigor, passion and appreciation of our Heavenly Creator's Master Plan designed to see us and our soul triumphantly succeed in this life and beyond. 

Water Medium and Spiritual Adviser, Marlene helps individuals identify their past lives to gain added insights about how the past can affect their present life journey.

Individual consultations address:

  • Identifying one's past Cosmic Footprints
  • Recognizing reincarnated memories and emotional responses
  • Releasing the emotional toll of past life experiences
  • Reincarnation through the lens of the "Universal Infinity Factor of Being"  

This confidential consultation explores ones past lives to help identify areas of spiritual strengths, areas of stagnation and how to capture new opportunities in this life designed for one's continuum of spiritual growth and development.  Release of painful past life experiences is also covered to help individuals to heal, reconcile and move forward in this lifetime.

Consultation Sessions are offered: In-Person, and upon client's request can be held by phone (where we will call you or you call us through Click-4Advisor) or via e-mail (offered where you have the choice of either emailing us directly or have your email session delivered via the Click-4Advisor double blind email system).  

Water Medium Synergy incorporates water and it's pure energy essence to deliver guided "Gem Water Energy Touch Therapy"and "Water Resonance Sound Therapy"  sessions to create healing and balance through a three-par energy alignment of the body, mind and spirit. Water Synergy sensory touch and acoustic sound sessions help cleanse one of their esoteric energy clutter accumulated over time including from past life events that have not been successfully released. The gained spiritual enlightenment and clarity helps one to recognize their life's purpose, understand the divine principles of one's soul development over time and the higher purpose that each presented life lesson serves over a continuum of time.

In addition to the therapeutic Water Synergy Wellness sessions, we also deliver intuitive water synergy consultation services which incorporate variations of the 
8-Clair Senses to provide clients with added spiritual enlightenment, personal validation, understanding, and guidance from the Spiritual Realm. The gained clarity and insights also offers new opportunities to help clients recognize their cosmic currency value, achieve happiness, sustain love and experience success in their life's journey. 

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Each inanimate object is made up of atom energy which continuously emits vibrations as well as absorbing surrounding energy over time. Psychometric "touch" allows that accumulated energy held by inanimate items and also in various locations to be felt and translated accordingly. ​

Clients looking to find out more about themselves or someone else (e.g., character traits, personal strengths, weaknesses, inhibitions or inclinations) are asked to present a personal inanimate object which they or someone had regularly used or worn as their energy will be presented by the item being read. ​​Ideal personal objects used in "Psychometric Readings" are ones which have been typically worn or frequently used by the person (e.g.; articles of clothing, jewelry, a favorite pen, comb/brush or something that is near and dear holding sentimental value). 

Psychometric "Sensory Touch" Object Energy Readings can offer valuable insights into the past about a certain person or event associated with the object - as some inanimate items or specific locations radiate the accumulated energy absorbed during certain highly charged emotional events over time.

Delivery of Psychometric Touch Energy Readings of Personal Objects: Sessions are only available in-person and held at one of our WMS' venu site locations in Greater Toronto Area we book for confirmed appointments with clients. We also offer sessions in other cities across Canada and the USA upon request. 

Psychometric Property Energy Readings are also offered in Ontario, and in cities across Canada and the USA upon request where we come out to our client's site location to provide them with an energy reading of their land, property dwelling or other items located on the site they want to learn more about. For example a psychometric reading on a house can help identify the home's history or a particular significant event. We can also read the energy of land or a particular property item (e.g., a motorized vehicle) to identify any details that may serve as beneficial information to a client looking to find answers, closure or to make a better informed decision about the item in the future.  

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At WMS we deliver personalized in-person consultations to individuals and we also offer mediumship presentations, speaking engagements including medium reading entertainment services at small and large events in the Greater Toronto Area and also at events helds in other cities across Canada and the USA. 

In addition to in-person group sessions - some "one-on-one" client consultations can be scheduled by phone (where we call you) or held via e-mail communications whenever possible.   

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